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(Despite a busy schedule Mr Ramesh had spent his time to give his opinions and share his feelings)

Name                  : Ramesh Babu
10th                    : Zilla Parishad High School,Nimbagal.
%                        : 78
Inter                    : Sri Sai  Jr College,Anantapur
%                        : 91
B.Tech(2012)      :EEE 
%                        : 78
Designation        :  Technical Officer @ECIL

Admin      : Hi Mr. Ramesh ! How are you ?

Ramesh     : Very fine,Thank U

Admin     : Congratulations, that you have completed two years as a engineer in ECIL!!feeling   happy?

Ramesh    :Yeah I am very happy

Admin     : Whom do you give the credit of your success??

Ramesh    : My Parents and Friends.

Admin     : Before we start tell us about your personal life? 

Ramesh    :  Okay with pleasure.

Admin      : Tell us about your family?

Ramesh    : Very Small family, Mom, dad and me.

Admin     : Whats your parents?

Ramesh   : Farmers.

Admin    : What are your hobbies?

Ramesh   : Listening to songs and watching movies, Visiting different parts of our beautiful india.

Admin  : How you managed that consistency in academics throughout your career, it’s really wonderful?

Ramesh  :Up to Intermediate I was concentrated only on marks. But after my EAMCET results I was decided that in future I should not read for marks.

Admin   : Many say that its very tough to get a job in PSUs’. But it’s amazing that you got it right after your final year straight away? what do you say?

Ramesh : Yeah of course ,Tough to get a job in PSU, because of Competition it is too high now a days.

Admin   : While you are in final year itself you have appeared for the exam?any special efforts put to get the job completed?

Ramesh : When I was in final year I appeared for the exam and after completion of B.Tech straight away I joined in ECIL.

Admin   : What is your strategy at the time of preparation?

Ramesh : Just I believe in my self and hard work and at any time I didn’t think about my result.

Admin    : Okay. How many hours did you worked regularly?

Ramesh   : Dially 5 hours in addition to academic syllabus

Admin    : You are successful at very tender age? Will u stop with this?

Ramesh   :No, Its just a beginning.

Admin     : so what are your future plans?

Ramesh   :Now I am aiming at IES.

Admin    : Enjoyed your life in B.Tech??

Ramesh  : alot, In Btech I learnt so many things beside my academics.

Admin   : I think you justified your B.Tech branch by entering ECIL!!Only few can do like this?what would you say?

Ramesh  : Yeah, More importantly In PSUS U will get the feeling of you are Working for the country ,and working for the country is always great.Also Job in PSUS will be cool and You can spend more time with your family and friends. But in other fields it will not be like this I think so.

Admin   : Did you felt tensed at the time of interview @ ECIL?

Ramesh  : Little bit.

Admin    : What are the questions asked in the interview?

Ramesh   : Mainly they asked from Technical Side about Electrical  Circuits and Electrical Machines. About Resonance, Induction Motors.

Admin    : Whom do you feel as the greatest support in your life for getting any success??

Ramesh  : Parents and Friends.

Admin   : faced any pressure at the time of your preparation?

Ramesh : little bit.

Admin  : Is coaching necessary to crack GATE/enter into PSUs?

Ramesh : Now a days because Tough Competition its required so that u can achieve things Some what Early.

Admin  : How you managed to crack ECIL exam in your final year of B.Tech by managing academics and preparation simultaneously?

Ramesh : I prepared for GATE Exam which was helped me a lot.

Admin   : Did u have confidence that u will get the job?

Ramesh   : Yeah, After my interview I was very much confident about Job.

Admin    : How do you feel about total selection process?

Ramesh   :It was very fine and fair.

Admin    :  How was the life @ ECIL?

Ramesh  : In PSUs you will feel that we are working for country that Which you will not get at any other place at any cost.

Admin    : As a part of your election duty you have travelled throughout India ?What is the main difference among the people ?

Ramesh   :yeah almost I visited all parts our beautiful india.  Languages, religions, architecture, food, and customs differ from place to place within the country which we cant feel in any other country. The Indian culture, often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, 

Admin    :What do you say about election duty??

Ramesh  :I feel proud that I also Contributed my self in the Democratic Country work in which a common people show their power through the name called “VOTE”.

Admin    : Do you feel proud about yourself for being successful in your life at very tender age?

Ramesh : Its only because of my Hard work what I did earlier.

Admin   : What is your success formula?

Ramesh :I practically Experienced the Quotation “Hard Work Never Fails”

Admin : To get a job in  PSUs’ what are the efforts to put in ?

Ramesh :From first year of my , I developed basics very strong which was helped me a lot.

You just say what’s your opinion on the following!!!

Engineering in India                 : Most of the Graduates from Technical Hubs(IITS) are going to foreign for doing Management works In banks. Govt should stop them. So much Poor peoples money is spending on them. One day they are going to know that money may give luxurious life but not satisfaction.

Politics in India                        : Poor peoples money is there with Political Leaders. Govt should take necessary actions against them. Hope Politics will change in future.

About your engineering college :About Our Engg College, It is having very good Infrastructure, Lab facilities ,and more importantly excellent Library facility.

Villages in India                        :Soul of India lives in its villages. Still some of the villages( very few) are not having Power and Road Connectivity’s and more importantly water facilities. Look Govt should look towards them.

Media India                               :About media, Its playing very important role for connecting different parts of india. But now a days it is more showing more interest on the shooting the cause instead of stopping it. They should change it.

You just give a one word/line comment on the following

Job in ECIL                   :Cool

A Leader should be        :Who leads Others
Movies now                   :

Love                              :Most Cute relation

Friendship                     :Most powerful relation that has given by god to the each and every creature in this Universe.

Life in North East          : U can get the real feeling of how the earth will be with out     pollution. But the people are living there with minimum facilities. Govt should more concentrate on these states to improve theire life style.

You just answer in one word for the following rapid fire

Fav hero/heroine               :Samantha

Fav movie                         :Leader

Fav subject                        :To know about Indian Geography.

First crush on                    :My Classmate

Life is all about                 :What you are going to do for future generation.

Happiest movement so far :When my first birthday celebrated by frnds in my Btech.

Your Inspiration               :My father.

Your Marriage will be       :May be with in 2 years.

Admin  : Finally What do you say to the upcoming engineering graduates/GATE aspirants?

Ramesh  :Be Strong in your Basics.

Admin    : Thank you for spending your valuable time.

Ramesh  :   Its my pleasure to spend time with you. Nice meeting you. Thank U.

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