Sunday, September 28, 2014


Week end comment on India's Recent Achievement in Space

On this 24th September, when the clock tickled 7: 49am [IST], the faces of 120 Crore Indians which were laden with nail biting moments and hymns on their lips, radiated with beams of glory like a full bright raising Sun. Their Heart’s blossomed with happiness and the entire subcontinent was involved in celebrations over the victory of their Scientists, who accomplished a gigantic feat of putting a space craft in orbit around Mars in its maiden attempt. Yes, it is the same country which was a colony of the British for almost 200 years created a global history by launching its indigenously built, world’s cheapest Interplanetary Mission in Red Planet’s Orbit. Thus a strong Message was sent to its colonial rulers who were still struck in a sound sleep on their Beds.
            It was on 5th November 2013, just as the Rocket sped off from its launching station at Sriharikota, Western Journalists showed their Inherent racism in the form of bold Headlines in reputed media. Few of those read 
         “India Mars Mission to launch amidst overwhelming poverty”.
       “ISRO to launch India’s first spacecraft: Britain threat to pull its aid of 300 pounds”.
       “How can poor countries offer Space programs”? And so on…….All these questions were replied with a picture of our dedicated, determined ISRO Scientists with heart welcoming smiles at Bangalore soon after their success.

To all those who pointed out fingers at Indians, 
                                    You have every reason to reckon with the success of our mission. It is sure to boost our commercial activities in space & Technology, thanks to its tag “Cheapest Inter planar Mission”. We think that you are still in the dilemma of Indians poverty! Yes, we were poor when you ruled us for almost two centuries. But today our country had Industrialists who can build a home at a cost of 5000Crores. Our BCCI had made your National game as the richest Sporting Body with an annual turnover of 5300Crores. More over the cost of our Mission is 450Crores, which means Rs4 per head and this if far less than Rickshaw fair.
                              India doesn’t have proper sanitation facilities not because we don’t have an extra 450Crores but due to our poor execution of things. Amid our Poverty We Grew, Amid our Poverty We Are United. None of our Citizens took to Streets demanding “National Independence Referendum”. We expect, by now you got enough answers to look into your internal affairs.

 My Dear Indian’s,
                          Sure we have plenty of issues in Sanitation, Unemployment, Health, and Inflation. But these Negatives could wait another day. It is Time to cherish the success of our Mission. In these happy moments let us also remember that  it was out of Humiliation, Diplomatic Insults, and Constant Denial of Technology by the developed countries that provoked our Scientists to Design, Manufacture, Launch, Regulate, Operate & Direct the Satellites Purely on Indigenous Technology. Thus enabling us to be self Reliant in Space Technology and teaching the World that “the more we are denied, the more we grow”.
                         In this pride moments let us take a feather out of their hard work. If we could launch a Mars mission with our technology, we can do anything – from Politics, Arts to Science & Sports. India is enriched with Visionary Leaders, Dedicated Scientists, Determined Industrialists, Diverse Sport Stars, Excellent mentors and most importantly Energetic Youngsters. Let us all
Hope our Children nurture with this Inspiration from sky,
Hope our teenagers achieve the spirit of eternal Glory,
Hope our Politicians inculcate sense of selfless Service,
Hope our Industrialists undertake cost effective Projects &
 Hope our Country marches forward with an Attitude of Patriotism. With its Inherent rich cultural heritage and great values, let us strive to turn our Dreams into realities.


  Author: Dhanunjaya Reddy V
Co Author:Uday Shankar B

Saturday, September 27, 2014


  • Entry norms for IIT's relaxed. Those who have 75% in class XII will also be eligible.
  • New ranking systems for universities in the Country to be introduced soon.
  • Government to give boost to Inland water ways,
  • Supreme Court Rules for a through investigation in to Encounters.
  • Supreme Court cancels allocation of 214 coal Blocks.
  • Assam Hit by minor floods,
  • Supreme Court asks for a Phased cleaning of Ganga River.
  • Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launches " MAKE IN INDIA " campaign.
  • Jammu & Kashmir not ready for Assembly Polls : CM owes the reason to Recent National Floods.
  • BJP Breaks its bond with ShivSena in Maharashtra.
  • Narendra Modi Applauds ISRO on its successful launch of Mars Orbiter Mission.
  • PM Narendra Modi Heads to USA.
  • One Million people under Quarantine over Ebola in Sierra Leone.
  • Japan Extends its aid for Ebola Victims.
    • Srilanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa Lashes out at UN General assembly on setting International Investigation.
    • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his maiden visit to USA
    • BAMIYAN , the Afghan Town was selected as SAARC Cultural capital for the year 2015. Dhaka for 2016-17.
    • UK Parliament votes to join air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.
    • Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launches " MAKE IN INDIA " campaign.
    • Global Rating Agency Standard & Poor's[S&P] raised India's Sovereign outlook from "Negative" to " Stable"
    • Mukesh Ambani Tops the Forbes list of India top 100 Billionaires.  

    • Social Activists in India bat for Regulation of Surrogacy.
    • NPPA Withdraws its order to fix cap on prices of drugs which are not under the list of essential medicines.
    • Laptops with 3-D sensors to hit the markets soon.
    • Americans Mars orbiter MAVEN [ Mars Atmosphere Volatile Evolution] launched successfully.
    • Indians Create History by launching the cheapest Inter planar Space Mission MOM[Mars Orbiter Mission] in the mars orbit in its maiden attempt.
    • GSLV-MKIII[MarkIII] ISRO's next project.
    • Global March on Climate Change held in USA.
    • BAMIYAN , the Afghan Town was selected as SAARC Cultural capital for the year 2015. Dhaka for 2016-17.
    • Hindi Film "LIAR's DICE" directed by Geetha Mohandas was the unanimous choice, as India's entry for the OSCARS.

    • JITU RAY wins gold in 50M air rifle ,shooting at INCHEON .
    • Saurav Ghosal clinches Silver in mens Squash at INCHEON.
    • Swetha Chowdary wins Bronze in 10M air rifle Women at INCHEON.
    • Indians women badminton team wins bronze medal.
    • Abhinav Bindra clinches Bronze in 10M air rifle.
    • Sawaran Singh clinches Bronze in Men single Sculls [ Rowing]
    • Indians women Shooting team won bronze in 25M air rifle.
    • China leads INCHEON Medals tally so far. Japan and South Korea in the Next two places.
    • Alastair Cook to lead England at 2015 World Cup.
    • Kapil Dev Honoured with a Life time Achievement award at a ceromony in house of Lords, London.


    "We have done our best. India is great. We are not racing with any body.we are racing with ourself. We have to race to reach the next level of Excellence"
           K. Radh Krishna , ISRO Chairman , After the successful launch of MOM

    "I used to hate England because they ruled my country but I am happy.They gave us the game of cricket,which they con't play well, and the English which I con't Speak well".

    Kapil Dev, Former Indian Cricket Skipper ,at House of Lords London.

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

    Current Affairs : Sept 14 - Sept 20

    Ø  Bihar Government acknowledges TRANS GENDER as third gender.
    Ø  Taking a feather from Chinese Maritime Silk Road,  India soon to launch Project Mausam.
    Ø  Government Suggests amendments in Corporate Social Responsibility Spending norms.
    Ø  The government has devised a training programme for IAS, IPS and Forest Service officers on dealing with problem of Naxalism.
    Ø  Finance Ministry planning to double the Banks commission on Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes from 1% to 2%.
    Ø Government has permitted the launching of National Ayush Mission (NAM) to attend to the gaps in health services in vulnerable and far-flung parts of the country {AYUSH Mission: Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha andHomoeopathy}

    Ø  Kaushik Basu, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of World Bank, has been appointed as president-elect of the association by the International Economic Association (IEA).
    Ø  Barack Obama authorized air strikes against ISIS militants in Syria
    Ø  Senior IAS officer Subhash Chandra Garg, was selected as the ED (Executive Director) of the World Bank
    Ø  Chinese president Xi Jinping Visits India.
    Ø  UK votes NO for Scottish Independence Referendum.
    Ø  Gates foundation funds to fight against Kala Azar.

    Ø  Union Ministry of Science and technology launches KIRAN (Knowledge Involvement Research Advancement through Nurturing) for women scientists, an unique scheme to bring out the Gender equality in Science and technology.
    Ø  Grapheme based Flexible Screens Developed, pays way for folding electronic Gadgets in future.

    Ø  17th Asian games begin at INCHEON, South Korea.
    Ø  Sardar Singh is Indian’s Flag bearer in opening ceremony at the Asia games.
    Ø  Chemuro, Vichuon, Barame are the official Mascots of Asian Games 2014.

    Ø  National Green Tribunal Bans Burning of Tyres in the Open and reuse of Tyres.
    Ø  Ozone layer showing the signs of recovery.
    Ø  Union Human Resource Development Ministry to fund Swachh Vidyalaya (Clean Schools) campaign, via the Swachh Bharat Kosh.

    Saturday, September 20, 2014


    NATASAMRAT AKKINENI NAGESWARA RAO  popularly known as ANR (known for his romantic and tragedy films) (1923-2014)
    tribute to nata samrat on his birth anniversary
    Akkineni Nagaeswara Rao

    Mother: Akkineni Punnamma
    Father:Akkineni Venkatratnam

    Akkineni Punnamma
    Married with Annapurna                  
    ANR & Annapurna

    Akkineni Sathyavathi
    Akkineni Venkat
    Akkineni Naga Suseela
    Akkineni Saroja
    Akkineni Nagarjuna(29-08-1959)

    I. Yarlagadda Sathyavathi
    Husband : Yarlagadda Surendra
    Children  : 1. Yarlagadda Sumanth (09-02-1975)                  Married to Kirthi Reddy(Divorced)
                      2.Supriya w/o Charan
                      Children: Sathya

    Yarlagadda Sathyavathi
    Yarlagadda Surendra

    Sumanth Yarlagadda

    Sumanth & Kirthi Reddy


    Baby Sathya

    II. Akkineni Venkat
    Wife: Akkineni Jyothsna
    Children: 1.Akkineni Adithya
                    2.Akkineni Annapurna

    Akkineni Venkat

    Akkineni Jyotshna

    Akkineni Adithya
    Akkineni Annapurna

     III. Anumolu Naga Suseela
           Husband:Anumolu Sathya Bushan Rao
           Children :1.Sangeetha w/o Sudheer
                            2.Anumolu Sushanth
                            3.Anumolu Sahithya

    Anumolu Naga Suseela
    Anumolu Sathya Bushan Rao


    Anumolu Sushanth
    Anumolu Sahithya

    IV. Akkineni Saroja
    Akkineni Saroja
    V.Akkineni Nagarjuna
       1st Wife: Lakshmi Daggubati (venkatesh daggubati's sister)(divorced)
                        Children: Akkineni Naga Chaithnya (23-11-1986)
        2nd Wife: Akkineni Amala(12-09-1968)
                        Children: Akkineni Akhil

    Akkineni Nagarjuna
    Daggubati Lakshmi

    Akkineni Naga Chaithnya

    Akkineni Amala
    Akkineni Akhil

     Exclusive pic:
    (from left to right)Top:Charan,Naga Chaithnya,Akhil,Adithya,Sumanth,Sushanth,Sudheer,Middle:Supriya,Nagarjuna,Venkat,Surendra,Sathya Bushan,Sangeetha,bottom:Amala,Annapurna,Jyotshna,Annapurnamma,Sathya,ANR,Sahithya,Naga Suseela,Saroja
                                                                click on the pictures to maximise